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Fussy Meat's award winning pie's.

Warm up with our famous award winning pie's.

The Fussy Meat's crew bringing together top local supplies to produce gourmet pies that will blow your taste buds.

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Chunky Steak Beef Pie

Tender hand cut chunks of succulent Beef, braised with onion and slow cooked to perfection.

Pepper Steak Beef Pie

Tender hand cut chunks of succulent Beef, slow cooked and seasoned perfectly with that extra kick of pepper.

Mince and Onion Beef Pie

Premium grade Beef Mince slow cooked with braised onion.

Beef, Redwine and Mushroom Pie

Hand cut tender Chunks of Beef slow cooked with Redwine and button Mushrooms and seeded mustard for a little extra pop of flavors.

Beef, Cheese and Bacon Pie

Hand cut Tender chunks of Beef braised with Bacon and slow cooked for that smokey Bacon flavors, with warm Mozzarella Cheese oozing through in every delicious mouthful.

Beef, Guinness and Vegetables Pie

Hand cut Tender Chunks of Beef braised with Onion and Guinness, with Celery, Carrot and Potato. Every mouthful is full of that good old home cooked flavors.

Lamb, Honey Mint and Rosemary Pie

Hand cut Chunks of succulent Lamb slow cooked with Honey for that little bit of sweetness and of course Mint and Rosemary which are Lamb’s best friend.

Chicken and Vegetables Pie

Tender Chicken Thigh’s in hand cut Chunk’s braised with Onion and then slow cooked with Carrot, Celery, Potato, Pea’s, Corn and leek. This Pie has mouthfuls of goodness in every bite.

Curry Chicken Pie

Tender Roast Chicken shredded into our special Curry sauce recipe, which is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet.

Beef, Chilli and Cheese Pie

Tender chunks of slow cooked beef with a big chilli kick and oozing with warm mozzarella cheese.
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