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Butcher cockburn
The Artisan Butchery
Welcome to Marco's Fussy Meats website.  You can find us at 777 Canning Highway, Applecross and 86 Hammond Road, Cockburn, WA

Marco’s Fussy Meats has been providing to the people of Perth since 1975, priding itself on old style traditional Butchery services with a modern twist. Delivering some of the finest free range produce from all over Australia, the Fussy crew pride themselves on paddock to plate ethically farmed meats.

We have sourced and chosen suppliers, first and foremost, based on the flavor of their produce, stemming from their passion for paying close attention to every single part of their production. Marco’s Fussy Meats' philosophy of farmer to butcher to customer, is all about feeding people good honest food and knowing where it comes from.
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Butcher cockburn

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