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Marco’s Fussy Catering

Roast Meats and Gravy=
$32.99kg (raw weight)
Tender roasted meats of your choice of Beef, Pork or Lamb comes
cooked and sliced, with Marcos famous gravy on the side.

Meats and Salad Catering Packages
$14.50pp (25 ppl minimum)
Choice of 2 roasted meats (beef, lamb or pork) with Marcos famous Gravy on the side. 3 house made salads with fresh rolls. Plastic plates, cutlery and a Bain Marie to keep meats warm included. Crockery and cutlery available for hire at $1.80 per head

Beef in a Bun
$7.20 per person
An easy way to feed a crowd.
Tender sliced roast beef with Marco’s fussy famous gravy, fresh rolls plus disposable plates and serviettes. For parties with 60+ guests you will get a free Bain Marie to keep the beef warm.

Spit Hire
$170 per day (not including meat)
A real crowd pleaser.
You get a stainless steel rotisserie spit hire delivered and picked up, with gas bottle supplied.  We set up for you, give you instructions and cooking times.  The best part is that we clean the unit and dispose of the bones. All you have to do now is pick your meat.

Whole succulent lamb   17kg and over. $15.50kg
Whole free range pig   40kg and over. $15.50kg
Whole free range pig   21kg -- 35kg. $17.50kg
Whole free range pig  Under 20kg. $20.00kg

All meats come with Marco’s famous gravy and apple sauce or mint sauce.
Fussy meats and catering
Hot Dishes
Large tray $85
Medium tray $55
- Roast potatoes in jackets with butter and sea salt
- Roast pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato
- Potato bake
- Pasta bake

Large $75

Fussy Potato Salad
Potato, bacon, spring onion, and celery

Fussy Coleslaw
A fresh slaw mix with a creamy mayo dressing

Garden Salad
Mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, red and yellow capsicum & carrot

Greek Salad
Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese, capsicum, olives and Greek dressing

Roast Pumpkin Salad
Roasted pumpkin, crushed walnut local WA feta, fresh baby spinach

Pasta Salad
Pasta, sweet corn, diced Spanish onion, capsicum and celery, creamy cracked pepper mayo

Mediterranean Pasta Salad
penne pasta, sun dried tomatoes, shaved Parmesan, marinated olives, fresh baby spinach

Beetroot and Fresh Mint Salad
Roasted beetroot with fresh mint and a tangy mayo dressing

Spit hire - Catering - Grass fed meats - Free range meats - Ready to go meals - Award winning pies -   Award winning butcher

Fussy meats and catering
Why use Marco's Fussy Meats?
Fussy meats and catering
Some people may be under the impression that they can't afford high-end meats and that the selection at local supermarkets may be good enough. Once you try Marco's Fussy Meats, you'll be so impressed by their quality and caring, that you won't want to use anyone else.

In addition to this, it is great to get to know your butcher and be on a first name basis with them.  This happens quickly and easily at Marco's Fussy Meats.

Fussy meats and catering
Thank you for contacting us we will be in touch within 24hrs.

Fussy meats and catering
Marco's Fussy Meats Event Catering
Bringing the world to your table.


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